1880-O VAM-39 091020

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Obverse: 1 doubled at the left top and lower right of bottom crossbar. Second 8 doubled at lower left side of upper loop. Die flake in the lower part of the ear opening.
Reverse: Small O mint mark set slightly high and tilted right.
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rmg_1880O_091020a rmg_1880O_091020b rmg_1880O_091020c rmg_1880O_091020d rmg_1880O_091020e rmg_1880O_091020f rmg_1880O_091020g rmg_1880O_091020h rmg_1880O_091020i rmg_1880O_091020j rmg_1880O_091020k rmg_1880O_091020l rmg_1880O_091020m rmg_1880O_091020n rmg_1880O_091020o rmg_1880O_091020p rmg_1880O_091020q rmg_1880O_091020r rmg_1880O_091020s rmg_1880O_091020t rmg_1880O_091020u rmg_1880O_091020v rmg_1880O_091020w rmg_1880O_091020x rmg_1880O_091020y rmg_1880O_091020z rmg_1880O_091020za rmg_1880O_091020zb rmg_1880O_091020zc rmg_1880O_091020zd rmg_1880O_091020ze rmg_1880O_091020zf rmg_1880O_091020zg rmg_1880O_091020zh rmg_1880O_091020zi rmg_1880O_091020zj rmg_1880O_091020zk rmg_1880O_091020zl

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