1878-P VAM-141A 111020

Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.

OBVERSE ATTRIBUTES: The second Right Star is tripled. Date digits 1, 8, and 8 are doubled. The 1 is doubled at the right side, the first 8 is doubled at the inside top of the upper loop and at the inside bottom of the lower loop, and the last 8 is doubled at the outside bottom of the lower loop. Right Stars 1 through 5 are doubled, as are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Left Stars. Liberty's upper Lip is doubled as is the front of Liberty's Eye (Alligator Eye). The tip of her Eyelid is tripled, and her Ear is slightly doubled at the right inside Ear Wall. The letters of the Obverse Legend, LIBERTY, are shifted to the right. The letters E, P, and R in the Obverse Motto, E. PLURIBUS UNUM, are doubled with the P significantly so. The north most Cotton Leaf is doubled at the top outside. The Phrygian Cap Band is incomplete. Marker: None.

REVERSE ATTRIBUTES: A shallow Die gouge is seen exiting the tip of the Eagle's Left Wing (Right Wing as viewed). The o in the second word of the Reverse Motto, In God We Trust, is open at the top. Scattered light Die polishing lines are present in the lower Fields. Marker: None.

SPECIAL NOTE: VAMWorld's VAM-141 Page notes that Liberty's doubled Eye (Alligator Eye) is a key identifier. While I understand that a "key identifier" is synonymous with "Die Marker", I decided to put the Alligator Eye in the Section entitled REVERSE ATTRIBUTES.

  • This coin has all of the attributes normally associated with the VAM-141A and has been certified as a VAM-141A by the ANACS. In addition, this coin possesses all of the attributes of it's base family member, the VAM-141.
  • The Nostril has just become disconnected (a partial Missing Nostril). This feature can be viewed in the Section entitled Photographs of Special Interest. Also found in that Section is a photograph of a doubled D, which was not listed as an attributed feature of the VAM-141A.
  • Minor Die cracks can be seen running through the some of the letters of the Reverse Legend, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the Denomination, ONE DOLLAR.

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Full Coin

1878-P VAM-141A RTM111020
rtm 1878 P LFCP 111020a.jpg rtm 1878 P LFCP 111020b.jpg
Comment: Comment:
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Date and Mint Mark

1878-P VAM-141A RTM111020
rtm 1878 P 111020a.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020b.jpg
Comment: Comment:
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1878-P VAM-141A RTM111020
rtm 1878 P 111020c1.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020d1.jpg
Comment: Tripled 2nd Right Star. Comment: Wing Gouge.
rtm 1878 P 111020e.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020f.jpg
Comment: Date doubling. While digits 1, 8, and the second 8 are noted as doubled in the VAMWorld VAM-141A Page, the 7 is doubled as well. Comment: Open o.
rtm 1878 P 111020g.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020h.jpg
Comment: Doubled Right Stars. Comment: Doubled Left Stars.
rtm 1878 P 111020i.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020j.jpg
Comment: Doubled Lip. Comment: Doubled Eye (Alligator Eye).
rtm 1878 P 111020k.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020l.jpg
Comment: Tripled Eyelid. Comment: Doubled Ear.
rtm 1878 P 111020m.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020n.jpg
Comment: LIBERTY shifted right. Comment: Doubled E and P.
rtm 1878 P 111020o.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020p.jpg
Comment: Doubled Cotton Leaf. Comment: Incomplete Band.
rtm 1878 P 111020q.jpg RESERVED FOR FUTURE USE.jpg
Comment: Die file lines. Comment:
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General of Noted Features

1878-P VAM-141A RTM111020
rtm 1878 P 111020r.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020s.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020t.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020u.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020v.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020w.jpg
Comment: Thread-like Die Impression. Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020x.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020y.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020z.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020za.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020zb.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020zc.jpg
Comment: Comment:
rtm 1878 P 111020zd.jpg RESERVED FOR FUTURE USE.jpg
Comment: Comment:
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Photographs of Special Interest

1878-P VAM-141A RTM111020
rtm 1878 P 111020ze1.jpg rtm 1878 P 111020zf1.jpg
Comment: Partial Missing Nostril: just at the disconnect stage. Comment: Doubled D.
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rtm_1878_P_111020a rtm_1878_P_111020b rtm_1878_P_111020c rtm_1878_P_111020c1 rtm_1878_P_111020d rtm_1878_P_111020d1 rtm_1878_P_111020e rtm_1878_P_111020f rtm_1878_P_111020g rtm_1878_P_111020h rtm_1878_P_111020i rtm_1878_P_111020j rtm_1878_P_111020k rtm_1878_P_111020l rtm_1878_P_111020m rtm_1878_P_111020n rtm_1878_P_111020o rtm_1878_P_111020p rtm_1878_P_111020q rtm_1878_P_111020r rtm_1878_P_111020s rtm_1878_P_111020t rtm_1878_P_111020u rtm_1878_P_111020v rtm_1878_P_111020w rtm_1878_P_111020x rtm_1878_P_111020y rtm_1878_P_111020z rtm_1878_P_111020za rtm_1878_P_111020zb rtm_1878_P_111020zc rtm_1878_P_111020zd rtm_1878_P_111020ze rtm_1878_P_111020ze1 rtm_1878_P_111020zf rtm_1878_P_111020zf1

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Full Coin

rtm_1878_P_LFCP_111020a rtm_1878_P_LFCP_111020b

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