Silver Dye Photography: Focused on Varieties of the Morgan Silver Dollar

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1883-O VAM-1 (VNA-11) I1R5 OD2/RD2. Resources: VW 1883-O VAM-1, VW 1883-O List, SDP 1883-O VAM-1 (VNA-11), SDP 1883-O List
1883O TF730480a Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF730480a Rev LFCP.jpg
Wire or fabric impression on forehead. Feed finger gouges.

1883-O VAM-VAM-44A/B I2R6.

1883-O VAM-44A/B I2R6 LAE538508. Resources: VW 1883-O VAM-44, VW 1883-O VAM-44A, VW 1883-O VAM-44B, VW 1883-O List, SDP 1883-O VAM-44A, SDP 1883-O List
1883O LAE538508 Obv4438 LFCP.jpg 1883O LAE538508 Rev4471 LFCP.jpg
1883-O VAM-1D I2R6 TF414621. Resources: VW 1883-O VAM-1D, VW 1883-O List,SDP 1883-O VAM-1D, SDP 1883-O List
1883O TF414621 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF414621 Rev LFCP.jpg
1883-O VNC-30 TF675030
1883O TF675030 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF675030 Rev LFCP.jpg
III2-34. Doubled 1--3. Dashed right 8. Marker. . C3h. Mint mark set right and tilted right (not). Marker. .
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1883-O VNC-10 (VAM-10/31A) I3R6 Featured Coin for December 2018. Liberty Wounded. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-10, SDP 1883-O List, VW 1883-O VAM-31A, VW 1883-O List.
1883O TF392340e Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF392340e Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VNC-62 (VAM-62 With Displacement) Featured Coin for November 2018. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-62, SDP 1883-O List, VW 1883-O VAM-62, VW 1883-O List.
1883O TF185124 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF185124 Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883O_LAE538508_Obv4438_LFCP 1883O_LAE538508_Obv4958_LFCP 1883O_LAE538508_Rev4471_LFCP 1883O_LAE538508_Rev4982_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF392340e_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF392340e_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF414621_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF414621_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF675030_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF675030_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF730480a_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF730480a_Rev_LFCP
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* VNC = Variety Not Certified

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