1883-O VAM-47 Base: Date set center normal at 2.50 denticles. Mint mark set center, and tilted left.

1883-O VAM-47 - Nathaniel Lee Mailliard 1986-2017. Thank you for your spirit, encouragement, help, and friendship.
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Rev 6151 5000 LFCP.jpg
Obverse: Attributes - III2-26 Doubled ear with dot. Markers - Description.
Reverse: Attributes - Description. Markers - Description.
Comments: Comments.
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Regional Photographs

Date and Mint Mark

Date Mint Mark
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 Date Land.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Rev 6151 1440 MintMark Land.jpg
Date doubled at flag of 1, upper left inside loop of 8s, and upper right inside loop of 3. Mint mark tilted to the left and set centered.
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Markers Obverse

Ear D-Void, Hair Swirl, and Upper Hair V
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 Ear Land.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 DVoid Land.jpg
Doubled ear at lower and back inside walls. Die chip at back wall. Die chip cradled by the upper hair V.
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Cap Folds Cap Top
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 CapFolds Land.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 CapTop Land.jpg
Hot spot in the middle fold is from post mint damage. Beveling of the field above the cap top.
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LIBERTY and Wheat Grain Cap V
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 Liberty Land.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 1440 CapV Land.jpg
Line through foot of T. Description.
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Large Full Coin Photographs

Coin 5457 1883-O VNC-47
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 5000 LFCP.jpg
1883O V47 5457 Rev 6151 5000 LFCP.jpg
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No permission to view IncludesLAE

Large Full Coin Photographs

1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121e_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121f_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121i_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121i_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121i_840_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121j_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121j_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121k_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123c_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149e_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149i_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149i_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149j_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149j_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149k_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151a_1000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151c_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151d_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151e_5000_LFCP

Landscape Marquees

1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_1200_Date_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_1425_Date_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_2025_CapTopFold_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_2025_DateBustPoint_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_2025_EarEyeNoseLips_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_2025_LibertyBolls_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_2025_LowerHair_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121j_1440_Date_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121k_1440_Date_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_CapFolds_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_CapTop_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_CapV_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_Date_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_DVoid_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_Ear_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_Liberty_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1200_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1425_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1440_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1800_BustCurl_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_1800_TED_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_2025_IGWT_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_2025_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149j_1440_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149k_1440_MintMark_Land 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151_1440_MintMark_Land
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Portrait Marquees

1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_CapV_Port 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_1440_Liberty_Port
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