Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.

1887-P VAM-1C I2R5 AW030220

Obverse: III2-1
  • Date set in the Normal Left position.
  • Faint partial clashed s and weak t at lower hair vee.
  • Strong triple wreath clash at the cap vee. Couple of minor wreath clash marks at the back of the cap above the cap vee.
  • Die marker - Tiny die chip at back of Phrygian cap fold.
  • Die gouge in the right upper serif of the Y in LIBERTY.
  • Thick die gouge below the cotton blossoms.
  • Wreath clash marks at Liberty's nose bridge, lips and chin.
  • Double clash mark of eagles wing at Liberty's neck with a faint tick of the n from In.
  • Faint clash line of the eagles beak in front of the hair curl to the left of the D-void.
Reverse: C3a.
  • Clash of cotton blossom stems below the eagles left wing.
  • Clash line of Liberty's neck at the top of the eagles right wing extending into the n of In.
  • Libterty's hair curl clash marks at the eagles neck, top of head and below the st of trust.
  • Faint raised designer’s initial M from obverse above d in God. This specimen may have taken a hit in this area.
  • Die crack from the left star to the O and between O-N of ONE.
  • Die crack thru the top of UNITED, across the right wing tip into the denticles above the first S of STATES.
  • Die crack across the top of STATES OF, across the eagles left wing tip.
  • Weak die crack across the top of AMERICA.
  • Weak die crack across bottom of OLLAR into the right star.
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Full Coin

1887-P VAM-1C AW030220
1887P AW030220 Obv LFCP.jpg 1887P AW030220 Rev LFCP.jpg
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Full Coin

1887P_AW030220_Obv_LFCP 1887P_AW030220_Rev_LFCP
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Regional Landscape

aw 030220a.jpg aw 030220b.jpg
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aw 030220c.jpg aw 030220d.jpg
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aw 030220e.jpg aw 030220f.jpg
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aw 030220g.jpg aw 030220h.jpg
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aw 030220i.jpg aw 030220j.jpg
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aw 030220k.jpg aw 030220l.jpg
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aw 030220m.jpg aw 030220n.jpg
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aw 030220o.jpg aw 030220p.jpg
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aw 030220q.jpg aw 030220r.jpg
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