1883-O VNC-26 Series: Doubled 18-3, Mint Mark Set Left, High, and Tilted Left. Overlapped Reeds.

Obverse: Attributes: Doubled 18-3. doubled and notched 1 at top left and bottom of flag and doubled at right vertical bar. first 8 doubled at bottom left outside loop. 3 doubled at lower inside loop and at upper ball. Overlapped reeding at 9:00, 6:00, 5:00 or 4:00 o'clock. Markers: Distinctive line in upper region of hair swirl. Two paired vertical lines in cap fold. Three divergent lines extend from lower right husk of right boll. Polishing beveling behind curl at tragus. Line upper right serif of I and upper left serif R of LIBERTY. Three horizontal lines in forehead curl void.
Reverse: Attributes: Mint mark set left, high, and tilted left. Markers: Horizontal lines cross inside bow loop. Metal dot at upper left inside of mint mark loop. Doubled nostril. Doubled lower arrow shaft at the right foot. Doubled upper arrow feathers. Metal dots at end of main feather that protrudes into left wing gap. Two lines/metal between left wing tip and denticle. One line/metal between right wing tip and denticle.
Comments: Overlapped reeds my occur at multiple locations and rotations. The 7 and 26 bases appear to be minted by the same die pair.
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Large Full Coin Photographs

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1883-O VNC-26 4841A
1883O V26 4841a Obv 5131 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 4841a Rev 5136 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 64
1883-O VNC-26 4841B
1883O V26 4841b Obv 5141 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 4841b Rev 5146 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 62+
1883-O VNC-26 7647
1883O V26 7647 Obv 5666 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 7647 Rev 5673 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 64
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Galleries 1883-O VNC-26

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Large Full Coin Photographs

1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5131_1000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5131_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5136_1000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5136_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5141_1000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5141_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5142_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5146_1000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5146_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5147_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Obv_5663_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Obv_5666_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Rev_5670_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Rev_5673_5000_LFCP

Landscape Marquees

1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5131_1440_DVoid_Land 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5136_1440_MintMark_Land
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