1883-O VNA-3 - Coin 333276: Primary Description.

Characteristics are described with a degree of granularity intended for die identification more so than for die classification. A characteristic may not span the entire die progression. Thus, not all characteristics may be present in any one coin.
Obverse: Attributes: Markers:
Reverse: Attributes: Markers:
Comments: Description.
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Full Coin - Static

1883-O VNA-3 - Coin 333276
1883O LE333276 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE333276 Rev LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS XX
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Full Coin - Obverse Animation

1883-O VNC-38 - Coin 4606
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Full Coin - Reverse Animation

1883-O VNC-38 - Coin 4606
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High Resolution

1883-O VNC-38 - Coin 4606
Error: (3) can't find 1883O_V38_4606_Obv_5722_5000_LFCP.jpg in Main
Error: (3) can't find 1883O_V38_4606_Rev_5729_5000_LFCP.jpg in Main
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Full Coin

1883O_LE333276_Obv_LFCP 1883O_LE333276_Rev_LFCP 3276_Obv_LFCP 3276_Rev_LFCP

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Landscape Marquees

1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_3993_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_4144_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_AntWr_OL1_600_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_AntWr_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_CapTop_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_In_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_MM_Clash180_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_MM_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_OL1_1000_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_OL1_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_OL1_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_OL2_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_PostWr_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Obv_st_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_3999_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_4042_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_4051_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_Boll_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_E_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_Forehead_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_M_OL1_830_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_OL1_1000_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_OL1_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_OL1_4800_Lae2 1883O_NA03_3276_Rev_ST_Dent_830_Lae2

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Portrait Marquees

Error: no images found
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