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1883-O VNC-30 TF675030
1883O TF675030 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF675030 Rev LFCP.jpg
III2-34. Doubled 1--3. Dashed right 8. Marker. . C3h. Mint mark set right and tilted right (not). Marker. .
1883-O VNC-10 (VAM-10/31A) I3R6 Featured Coin for December 2018. Liberty Wounded. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-10, SDP 1883-O List, VW 1883-O VAM-31A, VW 1883-O List.
1883O TF392340e Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF392340e Rev LFCP.jpg
1883-O VNC-62 (VAM-62 With Displacement) Featured Coin for November 2018. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-62, SDP 1883-O List, VW 1883-O VAM-62, VW 1883-O List.
1883O TF185124 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF185124 Rev LFCP.jpg
1883-O VNA-11 (VAM-1) Featured Coin for October 2018 - A Touch of Rouge on a Cold Night. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-1 - SDP 1883-O List - VW 1883-O VAM-1 - VW 1883-O List - VAMWorld
1883O LE730480b Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE730480b Rev LFCP.jpg
1883-O VNC-57 I2R5. Featured Coin for September 2018 LE370494. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-57 - SDP 1883-O List - VW 1883-O VAM-57 - VW 1883-O List - VAMWorld
1883O LE370494 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE370494 Rev LFCP.jpg

1883-O VAM-56 I2R5: July - August 2018

1883-O VNC-56 I2R5 July - August 2018 LE510660. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-56 - SDP 1883-O List - VW 1883-O VAM-56 - VW 1883-O List - VAMWorld
1883O LE510660 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE510660 Rev LFCP.jpg

1883-O VAM-24 I2R3 - March - June 2018

1883-O VNC-24 I2R3 June 2018. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-24 - SDP 1883-O List - VW 1883-O VAM-24 - VW 1883-O List
1883O LE333276 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE333276 Rev LFCP.jpg

1883-O VAM-31 I2R3 - March - May 2018

1883-O VNC-31 I2R3 (VAM-10 EDS) March - May 2018. Resources: SDP 1883-O VAM-31 - SDP 1883-O VAM-31A - SDP 1883-O List - VW 1883-O VAM-31 - VW 1883-O VAM-31A - VW 1883-O List
1883O LE556085 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O LE556085 Rev LFCP.jpg

1904-O VAM-31 I2R5 - February 2018

1904-O VNC-31 I2R5 - Featured Variety for February 2018. Resources: [ SDP 1904-O List ] [ VW VAM-31 ] [ VW 1904-O List ]
1904O RMLE011718a Obv LFCP.jpg 1904O RMLE011718a Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-55 I2R5 - January 2018

1883-O VNC-55 I2R5 - Featured Variety for January 2018. [ Additional Information ] [ 1883-O Gallery ] [ VAMWorld ]
1883O TF281537 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF281537 Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-22A I4R6 - December 2017

Click on a photograph to enlarge. Click on an area of interest for maximum detail. Click "back" to return. Click on the header title for additional information.
1883-O VNC-22A I4R6 Cleaned - Featured Variety for December 2017
1883O TF032451 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF032451 Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-1F2 I3R6 - November 2017

1883-O VNC-1F2 I3R6 - Featured Variety for November 2017
1883O TF549340e Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF549340e Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-1D I2R6 - October 2017

1883-O VAM-1D I2R6
1883O TF414621 Obv LFCP.jpg 1883O TF414621 Rev LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-47 I2R5 - July - August 2017

1883-O VAM-47 - Nathaniel Lee Mailliard 1986-2017. Thank you for your spirit, encouragement, help, and friendship.
1883O V47 5457 Obv 6123 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V47 5457 Rev 6151 5000 LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VAM-26 I3R4 - September 2017

1883-O VAM-26 #7647 - Doubled 18-3, Mint Mark Set Left, High, and Tilted Left. Overlapped Reeds.
1883O V26 7647 Obv 5666 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 7647 Rev 5673 5000 LFCP.jpg
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1883-O VNA - June 2017

1883-O VAM-00 I0R0 - Threadlike Impression on the Forehead
1883O VNA11 0480 Obv 5778 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O VNA11 0480 Rev 5785 5000 LFCP.jpg
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1885-P VAM-19 I2R3 - May 2017

Featured Coin for May 2017: 1885-P VAM-19 I2R3
Estimated Grade by RMG: MS-62+
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1883-O VAM-56 I2R5 - April 2017

Featured Coin for April 2017: 1883-O VAM-56 I2R5 Doubled Ear. Gouged Arrow Shaft.
Estimated Grade by RMG: MS-62
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1883-O VAM-1C2 I3R7 - March 2017

Featured Coin for March 2017: 1883-O VNC-1C2 I3R7 Buffed Reverse, Clashed M, Double Clashed Reverse.
Estimated Grade by RMG: MS-60
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1883-O VAM-4 I3R4 - January to February 2017

Featured Coin for January and February 2017: 1883-O VNC-4(A) I3R4 Doubled 1, Left 8, and 3. Metal Below Date. Repunched Mint Mark. Double Clashed.
The lower inside wall of the ear is doubled. Beveling at the cap V, cap top, and profile indicates that this die had a previous life. A planchet defect may account for the striations at the chin, neck. and lower right stars. Possibly a double clashed n along the neckline. The initial punch is more centered than the final mint mark. Must have been a Friday. Possibly a clashed designer initial M above d of God.
Estimated Grade by RMG: MS-63
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1883-O VAM-57 I2R5 - December 2016

Silver Dye Photography Featured Coin for December 2016: 1883-O VNC-57 I2R5 Doubled 1, Slightly Doubled Ear, Beveled Tail Feathers
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS-64+
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1883-O VNA-11 IXRX - November 2016

1883-O VNA-11 IXRX Threadlike Impression on Forehead
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS-64
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1883-O VAM-1D I2R6 - October 2016

1883-O VNC-1D I2R6 - Denticle Markings Along PLURIBUS
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS-63
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1884-O VAM-37A2 I3R6 - September 2016

1884-O VAM-37A2 (V)LDS I3R6 - Coin 1816
Estimated Grade by RMG - NGC
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1898-O VNA Series - June 2016

From the 1898-O VNA Series - Mystery Coin (VAM-16?)
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS-63+
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1883-O VAM-09 I2R4 - February - April 2016

1883-O VNC-09 A6: Second 8 set high. Repunched Mint Mark Showing at Top of Inside Loop.
1883O V09 0480 Obv 5750 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V09 0480 Rev 5757 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 64+
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1883-O VAM-26 I3R4 A - November 2015

1883-O VNC-26 #4841A
1883-O VNC-26 A7; Doubled 18-3: Mint Mark Set Left, High, and Tilted Left; Overlapped Reeds at 6:00.
1883O V26 4841a Obv 5131a 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 4841a Rev 5136a 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 64

1883-O VAM-26 I3R4 B - November 2015

1883-O VNC-26 #4841B
1883O V26 4841b Obv 5141a 5000 LFCP.jpg 1883O V26 4841b Rev 5146a 5000 LFCP.jpg
Estimated Grade by RMG - MS 62+
Obverse: Doubled 18-3, doubled and notched 1 at top left and bottom of flag and doubled at right vertical bar, first 8 doubled at bottom left outside loop, 3 doubled at lower inside loop and at upper ball, overlapped reeding at 9:00, 6:00, or 4:00, distinctive line in upper region of hair swirl, two paired vertical lines in cap fold, polishing beveling behind curl at tragus, line upper right serif of I and upper left serif R of LIBERTY, three horizontal lines in forehead curl void. Reverse: 3-5 horizontal lines cross inside bow loop, metal dot at upper left inside of mint mark loop, doubled nostril, doubled lower arrow shaft at the right foot, doubled upper arrow feathers, metal dots at end of main feather that protrudes into left wing gap, two lines/metal between left wing tip and denticle, one line/metal between right wing tip and denticle.
arrowbupTop arrowbdownBottom Click on a photograph to enlarge. Then click on an area of interest for maximum detail. Click "back" to return.
0494_Obv_LFCP 0494_Rev_LFCP 1883O_LE333276_Obv_LFCP 1883O_LE333276_Rev_LFCP 1883O_LE370494_Obv_LFCP 1883O_LE370494_Rev_LFCP VAM-56 VAM-56 1883O_LE556085_Obv_LFCP 1883O_LE556085_Rev_LFCP 1883O_LE730480b_Obv_LFCP 1883O_LE730480b_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF032451_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF032451_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Obv01_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Rev01_LFCP 1883O_TF185124_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF281537_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF281537_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF392340e_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF392340e_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF414621_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF414621_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF549340e_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF549340e_Rev_LFCP 1883O_TF675030_Obv_LFCP 1883O_TF675030_Rev_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Obv_5959a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Obv_5959b1_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Obv_5959b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Rev_5973a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Rev_5973b1_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Rev_5973b2_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01C2_5137_Rev_5973b_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01D_4621_Obv_6274_5000_LFCP 1883O_V01D_4621_Rev_6288_5000_LFCP 1883O_V04_8724_Obv_4345_5000_LFCP 1883O_V04_8724_Rev_4378_5000_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_5749_5000_8B_Obv_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_5756_5000_8B_Rev_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_Obv_5749_5000_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_Obv_5750_5000_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_Rev_5756_5000_LFCP 1883O_V09_0480_Rev_5757_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Obv_5974_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Obv_5978_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Obv_5978a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Obv_5980_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Rev_5988_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Rev_5992a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_2340e_Rev_5994_5000_LFCP 1883O_V10_I2R3_2340e_Obv_5980_5000_360P_8B_AdRGB98_SH5010_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5131_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5131a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Obv_5133_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5136_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5136a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841a_Rev_5138_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5141_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5141a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5142_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Obv_5144_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5146a_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5147_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5149_4850_LFCP 1883O_V26_4841b_Rev_5149_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Obv_5666_5000_LFCP 1883O_V26_7647_Rev_5673_5000_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_5722_8B_5000_Obv_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_5729_8B_5000_Rev_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_Obv_5722_5000_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_Obv_5722u_5000_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_Obv_OL1_5720_800_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_Rev_5729_5000_LFCP 1883O_V38_4606_Rev_OL1_5720_800_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6121_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Obv_6123_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6149_5000_LFCP 1883O_V47_5457_Rev_6151_5000_LFCP 1883O_V56_0660_Obv_4253_LFCP 1883O_V56_0660_Rev_4267_LFCP 1883O_V57_0494_Obv_6912_5000_LFCP 1883O_V57_0494_Rev_6926_5000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480_Obv_5778_5000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480_Rev_5785_5000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480a_Obv_5778_1000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480a_Obv_5778_5000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480a_Rev_5785_1000_LFCP 1883O_VNA11_0480a_Rev_5785_5000_LFCP 1885P_V19_2451_Obv_6067_LFCP 1885P_V19_2451_Rev_6081_LFCP 1903P_RMLEV17A_041017aw_Rev_LFCP 1903P_RMLEV17A_041017be_Obv_LFCP 1904O_RMLE011318dV31_Obv_LFCP 1904O_RMLE011318dV31_Rev_LFCP 1904O_RMLE011718a_Obv_LFCP 1904O_RMLE011718a_Rev_LFCP 2548_Obv_LFCP 2548_Rev_LFCP 4606_Obv_5722_800_LFCP 4606_Obv_LFCP 4606_Rev_5729_800_LFCP 4606_Rev_LFCP 6925a_Obv_LFCP 7178_LFCP_Obv 7178_LFCP_Rev 850844344459_Obv_LFCP 850844344459_Rev_LFCP 8724a_1883O_SD_Obv_LFCP 8724a_1883O_SD_Rev_LFCP 8724b_1883O_SD_Obv_LFCP 8724b_1883O_SD_Rev_LFCP 8724c_1883O_SD_Rev_LFCP 8724d_1883O_SD_Obv_LFCP 8724f_1883O_SD_Obv_LFCP 8724f_1883O_SD_Rev_LFCP 9094_LFCP_Obv 9094_LFCP_Rev rtm_081816_Obv_LFCP rtm_081816_Rev_LFCP
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* VNC = Variety Not Certified

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